Stacey Hutchinson

Executive Administrative Assistant

Stacey PhelpsStacey Hutchinson has been the executive administrative assistant to the CEO since March 2007. Stacey has more than seven years of experience working in the mental health field, and over 13 years in other medical delivery/customer service positions.

As a young girl, Stacey had the desire to become an administrative assistant when she would go to work with her aunt, who had secretary position at a large university in Detroit. To fulfill her desire, Stacey received her degree in Business Administration from Baker College of Jackson.

Stacey then felt drawn to the mental health field when a family member was receiving services from a therapist. The therapist was very passionate about creating a small organization to help improve the quality of lives of the mentally ill and their families. Stacey later came to Consumer Services, Inc. after working with the current CEO, Kathy Taylor, for several years. Stacey says she always admired Kathy’s genuine commitment to each of her consumers and her thrive to serve the most critically, severely impaired consumers.

Stacey has a passion for recipient rights and is Consumer Services, Inc's recipient rights advisor. She is committed to the rights of the mentally ill and will advocate that each and every one of Consumer Services, Inc’s consumers are treated with dignity and respect. Stacey is also happy to be a part of the Consumer Services, Inc. anti-stigma campaign.

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