Batterer's Intervention

About the Program

Batterer's Intervention Group Therapy with Moral Reconation Therapy 
Taylor Life Center offers batterers, or perpetrators of violence, a 26-week course to help him or her regain control of their anger, and actions in relationships. Throughout the group therapy, Taylor Life Center utilizes a cognitive-behavior educational approach to confront batterer’s beliefs and behaviors, especially in relation to their control and power issues.  In order to have a complete understanding of how a batterer’s actions have hurt people, relationships, and themselves, he or she must comply and fully participate with all steps of the course.

At the beginning of the course each client receives the workbook, “Bringing Peace to Relationships”. The workbook takes a client through 24 different modules; some modules may take two or more group sessions to complete. In order to finish the program successfully, a client must complete each module.  A client’s willingness to participate determines their success in the program.

Participation may include drawing illustrations of his or her actions at different points in their life; answering questions that provoke thought into their emotions; participating in group discussion; and finally, giving a testimony to peers and the facilitator about his or her behavior issues. Some modules may require the vote of the group and facilitator in order to move on to the next step in the program.

In order to reinforce positive behavior outside of therapy, some modules will require the client to use what they have learned and apply it within his or her relationships. Another external activity requires a client to participate in 10 hours of volunteer work, where they will learn about helping others.

As a client nears the end of the program, he or she will receive encouragement to establish goals for themselves that will require them to maintain healthy behavior beyond group therapy. After the client establishes goals, he or she will explain what they must do in order to achieve their goals, and have an understanding how violent behavior will prevent them from doing so.

Program Goal

The primary goal of this program is to help batterers understand how their actions hurt people, their relationships, and themselves, as well as learn safe alternatives to their violent behavior. It is important each client understands the statistics of domestic violence, and that it is actually rare for a person to become physically abusive in relationships.

By successfully completing each step of the program, a batterer will learn how to break the abuse cycle, bring real peace to their relationships, give up power and control for equality and acceptance, gain trust in themselves and others, and relearn how to react to different situations rather than with violence.

To participate in Batterer's Intervention therapy, contact your local Taylor Life Center